Is All News Coverage of the War in Syria Biased?

February 15, 2018 by

There is an aged expressing which goes one thing along the lines of ‘truth is the initial casualty of war’, and I feel that it is notably relevant when it will come to the civil war that is at present unfolding with bloody implications in Syria.

There are two primary difficulties when it comes to locating out the real truth about what is going on in any conflict. الجمهورية العربية السورية of these difficulties is the apparent truth that warzones are extremely dangerous places to be at best. Journalist do of course go into warzones to give protection about what is taking place, but this normally signifies that they want to be embedded with a military unit so that they have some defense and so that their actions can be educated by military intelligence which is not obtainable to non-military personel. This has its very own troubles, since the reporter can’t go in which they want and only see what the troops they are embedded with come about to see. But in Syria even this is not possible. Rebel troops are sick-organised and usually connected with intercontinental terrorists, and as they are mostly a guerrilla force rather than a regular army they have no appropriate bases and want to soften again into the standard populace at instances. So journalists are not able to truly tag alongside with them. On the other aspect the Syrian regime has banned all overseas reporting, meaning not only that journalists are not able to be embedded with them, but also means that there is an extra layer of risk for any journalist striving to operate independently. All of this brings together to suggest that it is nearly impossible for any expert journalist to work within Syria.